Watt-SmartDifference is Bright and Clear

Advantages of our fully certified Watt-Smart LED lighting:

Energy Cost Savings

The energy cost to run a 65-watt light bulb for 50,000 hours is $325 and requires changing the bulb 25 times. Running a 7 watt LED, that provides the equivalent amount of light for the same 50,000 hours, costs only $60! That’s a $265 energy cost savings. And since the LED bulb lasts the entire 50,000 hours you save on maintenance costs as well. If you can save this much changing one light bulb, imagine the impact of converting your entire lighting system! When lights are in use for 12 hours or more, converting to LED’s will return the complete conversion cost in less than two years and provide annual savings for the investment thereafter.

Reduced Environmental Impact

In addition to the environmental benefit of drastically reduced energy consumption, switching to LED lighting will also help you reduce your business carbon footprint as LED lighting longevity reduces waste created by expired bulbs. And, unlike fluorescent lighting, LED lights contain no harmful mercury.

Lighting Flexibility

Watt-Smart LED lighting products offer a full selection of color temperature and light intensity options to produce desired ambience and meet practical application requirements. Our LED units can be easily installed in existing lighting fixtures in any commercial or domestic application. In addition we can custom design and manufacture to suit specific applications.

Easy Installation

LED Lighting Technologies Group, LLC has designed LED lighting to adapt to virtually any application; so in most cases installation is as easy as changing a light bulb. We also remove all existing light bulbs and any other debris associated with the installation and dispose of it in a proper and environmentally sensitive manner.

Convert to LED Lighting and Reap the Benefits